JARSTY is a patent-pending tool that allows you to easily prep, cook, store, transport, and consume your meal in one container.

Once your raw ingredients are prepped, it takes 5-6 minutes to cook and 15-20 minutes to rest at room temperature… this helps keep your food fresh in the fridge for up to 15 days.

Infact, the vacuum technology in JARSTY is a game-changer for meal prepping: when combined with the natural process activated by JARSTY, it results in a decrease in microbial growth and enzymatic oxidation.



The raw ingredients are cut into the size you want the bite to be.

All these ingredients are placed, raw, inside the container.

The lid is attached.

The valve is closed.

Jarsty is shacked to mix the ingredients.

The valve is opened and Jarsty is placed into the microwave for 5/6 minutes (according to the recipe).

A note on power: we have verified that the power of the various microwaves is very different.

Some must be set to 600WATT, other models to 900WATT. We have developed a simple test to define the correct setting of the operating power.

After removing Jarsty from the microwave, the valve needs to be closed.

Jarsty is left to rest at room temperature for 5/10 minutes so that cooking is completed, and, at the same time, a natural process of reduction of the microbial load and enzymatic oxidation takes place.

At this point the dish can be consumed. Alternatively, if it is left, always with the valve closed, at room temperature for another 5/10 minutes, Jarsty creates a vacuum.

In this case, if always stored in the refrigerator with the valve closed, the preparation can be stored up to 15 days.

When you decide to consume the preparation, you have to open the valve (thus eliminating the vacuum) and heat Jarsty in the microwave for a few seconds until you reach the desired temperature.

Side note: for some recipes it is better to shake Jarsty before taking off its lid; this only in order to have a better presentation of the food.