About food

Check the expiry date of the ingredients: Jarsty does not prolong the storage of food; therefore, they must have a expiry date after the presumed date of consumption of foods prepared with Jarsty.

The non-alteration of taste is not guaranteed.

Use only ingredients compatible with use in the microwave oven;

Always insert cut food, to the desired size. Do not use water ingredients (such as eggs, potatoes) without cutting them.

About USE

Read the specific instructions of the furnace that is used.

Before using the product, carry out the calibration test as described;

Repeat the test periodically (temperature detection stik is reusable and can be purchased online).

Use Jarsty only in microwave ovens (not suitable for use in different ovens) in a good state of maintenance.

The microwave oven must have the Grill function deactivated or switched off.

Periodically check that the Jarsty is intact, and that the seal is elastic and regularly placed in its seat.

Any falls, excessive temperature changes, shocks could compromise the structure, the effectiveness and safety of the property. In case of doubt about the integrity eliminate the good according to good practices of differentiated waste disposal. If in doubt contact the customer care.

Only the recipes indicated in the specific catalogue – have been tested and verified . The realization of recipes with different ingredients will be carried out by care and under the exclusive responsibility of the user.

Insert ingredients in the Jarsty without wrappers, supports or other non-food elements (such as paper, toothpicks, etc.)

Remember to open and close the Valve as follows:

  • Open the valve BEFORE placing Jarsty inside the furnace;
  • WARNING: placing the Jarsty inside the microwave with the valve closed can cause the explosion of the Jarsty.
  • Close the valve ONLY AFTER removing the Jarsty from the furnace;

Respect the times indicated in the product description:

  • ATTENTION: times may vary according to the outcome of the test. The correct execution of the test and the consequent adjustment of the times of use of the Jarsty in the microwave are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the end user.
  • It is not allowed to rely on tests indicated by others, even if they refer to the same furnace model since they can affect the outcome of the test not only the model, but also the age and storage conditions of the furnace itself. Failure to observe the times could cause food to leak (or the explosion or rupture of the Jarsty) or in any case affect the preservation or even the cooking of food.

The Jarsty must be correctly positioned inside the microwave.

Because the Jarsty reaches a high temperature, and because it retains this temperature even after the extraction of it from the furnace is recommended to:

  • Use special care when extracting Jarsty from the oven, using gloves or devices that allow contact with high temperature objects;
  • Keep the Jarsty in place out of the reach of children;
  • Do not store the Jarsty on heat-sensitive surfaces, which may, as a result of contact with high temperature goods, alter or damage.

The high temperature of the food inside the Jarsty could produce – at the opening of the Jarsty – a rapid exposure of steam. It is therefore necessary to maintain a safe distance from the exposed parts of the body that could be damaged by such exposure, in particular the face and eyes.

Do not store Jarsty in the freezer or in the refrigerator immediately after extraction from the oven: excessive overhang could damage the structure of the Jarsty or cause unforeseen pressure changes inside it, resulting in the risk of damage to things or people.

WARNING: if the times indicated are not strictly respected, Jarsty must not be vacuum-sealed and food preservation processes are not activated. The date of storage of foods, indicated in a maximum of 15 (fifteen) days, is purely indicative (and is based on the only foods that have been tested). For some foods the maximum storage time may be shorter. If you do not strictly comply with the instructions provided, Jarsty does not guarantee the safe storage, not altered (and not altered in taste), for food consumed in the days following cooking.

If the food is not consumed immediately, it must be heated according to the times chosen by the user (the times indicated in the description are valid only for the first preparation of the food).

Attention: eating food directly inside the Jarsty – especially if metal cutlery is used – can scratch or affect the internal surface of the property.


Jarsty can be washed in the dishwasher (it is recommended to read the instructions of the dishwasher itself).

In case of impact, fall, excessive thermal overhang Jarsty can report breakages or damage that affect the use. In case of fall, impact, excessive thermal overhang is not guaranteed the proper functioning, the integrity and safety of the property that must therefore be disposed of (together with the plastic materials, according to the indications of the various local organizations). Similarly, even in the absence of such events (or in case of lack of knowledge by the end user), where cracks, fissures, disconnections or detachments of parts, alteration of the gasket, the goods must be disposed of. In case of doubt please contact the customer care.

Not suitable for use by children. Keep Jarsty away from children.

Jarsty is a heavy object, whose weight increases considerably once filled with food. Be careful handling Jarsty to avoid damage to people or things.

The opening/closing hooks must be activated with caution, in order to avoid breakages. Once the lid is closed, it is necessary to check that the protuberances on the body are correctly penetrated into the suitable seats obtained in the lid fins.

Jarsty can change colour when used with particular foods (e.g. curry, paprika, spices in general, etc.). However, this does not imply a change in the functional characteristics or composition of the asset.